Free eBook –  Musings from Xander Marketing

Marketing is a diverse, sometimes scary and fast changing discipline. With an ever growing number of marketing tactics, and results increasing with importance every year, keeping up can be a challenge.

When Xander Marketing was set up in May 2009 a blog was an essential part of our Marketing Strategy and over 3 and a half years later it still is. With all that content, for the first time ever we have pulled it together in an easy to read (and remarkably, free) eBook. Download ‘Musings from Xander Marketing’ and:

  • Read over 90 marketing blogs and articles all in one place
  • Get ‘how to’ guides on over 20 different marketing topics
  • Get an insight into our minds about what we think about late at night
  • Discover over 100 new ideas for marketing your business

Musings from Xander Marketing is the ultimate guide to marketing your small business or SME. Dramatically increase your marketing knowledge in one easy to read eBook.

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