Content Marketing: More than just a tactic

For any astute business owner, being concerned with the level of return generated from an investment on any given project – whether it be a marketing campaign or an upgraded telecommunications system – is essential. Unfortunately, as marketing evolves with… More >

The best business decision of 2014

In May Xander Marketing turns 6. From setting up in the worst recession in living memory, to getting through the first year (and the next 5!) we’ve learned a lot about business, marketing and, well ‘life’. We’ve made a lot of… More >

How to work out ROI from marketing

So how do you work out the Return on Investment? Many businesses ask this, believing marketing is a dark art or just ‘fluffy, brand building’. It’s also surprising how many people believe marketing is an optional business activity. However, it’s… More >

7 elements to split test on your website

The website is the marketing hub of many businesses, for many it’s their lead generation tool, for some it’s their only sales tool. It’s therefore essential your website has as high a conversion rate as it possibly can. Split-testing your website… More >