TSL Virtualisation was just an idea in its founders mind when he came to Xander Marketing. The idea was to offer virtualised solutions based on VMware’s products. This would help companies realise tangible cost savings through better utilising their hardware investment and ensuring less down time.


TSL Virtualisation’s founder had spent his life in the technical IT world. Spotting a trend through a recent project of virtualisation and the business benefits it could bring a company they embarked to set up a business offering his services.

The founder’s technical background meant his knowledge of starting and running a business and marketing that business was limited. Xander Marketing was engaged to ‘set the business up’.


Initially a business plan to test the virtualisation concept was researched and written. Analysing the marketplace, competition and target market showed there was ‘room to play’.

The business concept was developed and a vision, mission and values for the business conceived to guide the rest of the businesses’ development.

At this point the business didn’t have a name, Xander Marketing suggested a number of ideas, it was believed virtualisation needed to be in the name as that’s what the business offered, TSL are the initials of the founder’s first child; TSL Virtualisation had a certain ring to it and the name was born. Xander Marketing also developed a tagline for the business: “TSL Virtualisation…Making IT work harder for you”.

A launch strategy including an ongoing sales and marketing strategy was also produced.

Following completion of the business plan a brand analysis was undertaken with rationales and recommendations for TSL Virtualisation’s brand. A key requirement was to make the logo look like VMWare’s logo to show the association. A logo was agreed upon and stationery designed around this logo.


With a business plan and brand in place the founder could launch TSL Virtualisation knowing there was room in the marketplace for his business. With a professional identity the founder used this to go to market and start to build his business.