Formed  in 1997, Provanis is now the longest established supplier of independent Oracle Applications professional services focusing solely on the Oracle Applications marketplace.

Oracle Applications

With over 10 years experience in Oracle Applications, primarily with expertise in providing skills for Oracle Applications projects, Provanis wanted to extend its brand into a full service professional services organisation for this niche market. Its current tagline was no longer valid and the brand was long overdue a refresh. Its website was poorly built and looked unprofessional, probably having a detrimental effect on the business.

Getting the basics right

Whilst most companies claim to offer great customer service, Provanis truly does. Working together through a series of meetings and reports, a vision, mission, values and USPs were articulated and documented. This was the basis of what the brand was built on. A full branding analysis was then undertaken, analysing the target market, values and USPs. Colours, imagery, fonts and tone of voice were all considered.

Excellence in Oracle Applications

The brand was built around the new slogan; ‘excellence in Oracle Applications’. This was a powerful message that left room for Provanis to expand into becoming a full service professional services company.

Once the brand had been proposed the branding (the graphical elements) were created. The branding analysis revealed red should be used as a core colour within the branding and the fact that Oracle’s main colour is also red meant people would sub consciously associate Provanis with Oracle. The logo used a font similar to Oracle’s but different enough to create its own identity. Business stationery was created with the new branding.

The brand analysis was also used as the basis for a new website. Services were targeted at different audiences and pages such as ‘history’ were created to portray Provanis’ longevity in the field.

Living the brand

The new brand has documented for the first time Provanis’ values and USP which can be used to help move the company forward and this common set of values can be lived by current and future employees.